SoundFX - Help

SoundFX Help


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Basic Commands

?upload <name>

Upload a new sound to the specified name.

?play <name>

Play a provided sound by name. Will search the server sounds, then public sounds.

?play ID:<ID>

Play a public sound using it's ID.


Disconnect the bot from the voice channel.


List sounds on your guild.

?list me

List sounds you've uploaded.

?delete <name>

Delete sounds from your guild.

?volume <N%>

Change the volume (min:1%, max:250%, default:100%)

Public Commands

?public <name>

Change a sound to be public or private.

?search <name>

Search public sounds by name to get IDs.


Find popular public sounds.


Find some random public sounds.

Setting Commands

?prefix <prefix>

Change the bot's prefix.

?greet [sound]

Set your greet sound. Use with no arguments to unset.


Disable or enable greet sounds on your server.


Add/remove roles to the blacklist (ban roles from playing sounds).


Get info on the bot.


View how many sounds you have and how to get more.